Wild Turkey Distilling Company is proud to unveil Wild Turkey Generations, a first-ever collaboration from three generations of the iconic Russell family of whiskey makers. This ultra-premium and highly limited release from the storied Wild Turkey distillery reflects more than a century of bourbon-making prowess; it is an expert blend of four hand-selected whiskies that showcase the varied palates, personal preferences and exacting expertise of Jimmy, Eddie and Bruce Russell. Generations represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a whiskey created by the legendary grandfather, father and son trio, and this historic and extremely rare release is the first to feature the signatures of all three Russells on the custom-etched bottle, including that of newly appointed Associate Blender, Bruce Russell.

Wild Turkey® Generations marks the first time Jimmy, Eddie and Bruce Russell have collaborated on a single whiskey; the result is a harmonious, high-proof blend of 9-, 12-, 14- and 15-year-old bourbons that celebrates the family's remarkable legacy.
Wild Turkey® Generations marks the first time Jimmy, Eddie and Bruce Russell have collaborated on a single whiskey; the result is a harmonious, high-proof blend of 9-, 12-, 14- and 15-year-old bourbons that celebrates the family’s remarkable legacy.

Commemorating the Russell family’s immeasurable impact on the art of bourbon making, Generations is made of four bourbons that were chosen by Jimmy, Eddie and Bruce for their unique characteristics, then masterfully blended in varying increments for a harmonious flavor profile. The result is a richly layered and complex whiskey, bottled at barrel proof and non-chill filtered to deliver the utmost character in each sip.

“With Generations, we set out to make a whiskey that was truly a celebration of family and bold spirit,” said Wild Turkey Associate Blender Bruce Russell. “My dad always says we are more than the name on the bottle – and this was my first opportunity to bring my own point of view while also applying everything I’ve learned from him and my granddad. We love this whiskey and are so proud of the story it tells.”

Bruce, like his grandfather Jimmy, prefers bold bourbon flavors, which come through in the 12-year bourbon he selected for the blend. Eddie has a penchant for a softer honeyed, vanilla-laden flavor that typically comes from older bourbons, such as his 15-year-old selection and the 14-year-old whiskey he and Bruce picked together. Jimmy stayed true to his palate, as he has for decades, by selecting a nine-year-old bourbon consistent with the classic Wild Turkey profile. While each of the Russells have slightly different tastes and preferences, they share the highest standards of quality for workmanship. The meticulously blended final bourbon seamlessly merges whiskies from the distillery’s finest barrels, capturing the heart and spirit of the Russell family.

“I’ve made some great whiskies throughout my career, and Generations is going in my hall of fame,” said Wild Turkey Master Distiller Jimmy Russell. “The experience of working with my son and grandson to create a blend that celebrates our family and tradition has been a highlight of my career.”

Generations is a tribute to one of the most iconic families in bourbon-making. Jimmy Russell, the longest-tenured, active Master Distiller in the global spirits industry and an instrumental figure in shaping Kentucky bourbon as it exists today, started the family tradition when he began working at Wild Turkey distillery in 1954. He soon began to teach his son Eddie, then a union worker, the craft. Eddie was a quick study who rose through the ranks and was inducted into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame in 2010, joining his father who earned the prestigious recognition in 2001. Before long, Eddie’s son, Bruce, became involved with the business, first as an ambassador and recently as a blender. As Associate Blender, Bruce spends his days tending to bourbons and ryes from the fabled Wild Turkey rickhouses, then blending to achieve new flavor profiles, bringing his own approach to the teachings and techniques passed down through the family.

“From the moment Jimmy, Bruce and I started talking about Generations, I knew we had something incredibly special on our hands,” said Wild Turkey Master Distiller Eddie Russell. “Not only am I proud of the rich, intricate whiskey that we created, but I’m honored to have worked alongside my son for his first release as Associate Blender. Seeing his name etched into the bottle next to ours will forever bring me back to the memories we shared when creating this rare release.”

Generations is a 120.8-proof blend that showcases sweet notes of vanilla, caramel and dark cherry that give way to warm notes of pepper and aged oak. An aroma of oak and vanilla is followed by floral and spice notes with hints of baked apple, toffee and cloves. The unique combination of aromas and flavors caps off with a finish of dark fruit and baking spice with lingering notes of sweet toffee and oak.

With a suggested retail price of $450, Wild Turkey Generations will be available in limited quantities; approximately 5,000 bottles will be available at select retailers nationwide. Wild Turkey fans in the United States will also have exclusive access to a limited online pre-sale in the coming days; by signing up for the Wild Turkey community newsletter here, fans can explore the story behind this special release and ensure that they are the first to learn more about pre-sale availability.

This historic whiskey embodies three generations of bourbon making mastery, and Wild Turkey encourages fans to savor it and to drink in moderation.


The distillery for Wild Turkey Bourbon is in Kentucky, situated on a deep limestone shelf on the Kentucky River. The shelf acts as a natural filter and provides the distillery with crystal clear water, vital to making such a high-quality product. Wild Turkey features the legendary father and son Master Distilling team of Jimmy and Eddie Russell, who have over 100 years of collective experience working at the Wild Turkey distillery.

The famous Wild Turkey brand name first came about back in 1940 when distillery executive Thomas McCarthey took a few warehouse samples on a Wild Turkey hunting trip with a group of friends. The following year, his friends asked him for “some of that Wild Turkey whiskey” and the brand was born.

Wild Turkey is distilled and put into new oak barrels at a much lower ABV than most bourbons. This results in a much richer flavor, as less is cooked out during the production process. Ageing in the highest quality new American oak barrels with the heaviest char available (the Number 4 “alligator” char), imparts a smooth flavor and deep amber color to the whiskey. The barrels are filled at the distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Website: wildturkey.com.


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