Preservation Distillery’s Old Man Winter Augments Decades Old Whiskey Portfolio

Old Man Winter is resurrected this year to celebrate the art of whiskey blending and features some of the very first Preservation distillate ever used. The non-chill filtered Old Man Winter Bourbon is crafted at 109.8 proof, from a blend of vintage stocks and pot still Preservation distillate. The wheated Preservation Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey is blended with barrels of Kentucky Bourbon and some Indiana Bourbon added for a deep and well rounded flavor profile. Like other Preservation creations, the richness here is reflective of whiskeys from the early years of the Bourbon renaissance. That profile includes heavy stone fruit, layers of toasted wood and caramelized nut along with kitchen spices in partnership with an abundant nose.

The portfolio of American Whiskeys from Preservation Distillery is produced in extremely small batches typically of 1-3 barrels, featuring an eclectic assortment of hand-designed labels. Old Man Winter preserves those traditions in a remarkable hand-dipped package.

Summoning the grandeur and adventurousness of the Badlands, Old Man Winter is a crafted amalgamation of hand selected barrels distilled and collected over time, now coming of age. Preservation has the luxury of owning its own Kentucky distillery, and today is in a position to produce and bottle slightly more of these gems with a focus on key distribution in our home market.

Preservation Distillery and Farm was founded in 2015 in the Bourbon Capital of the World with a commitment to crafting world-class whiskeys. The former historic 40-acre tobacco farm is home to a family-owned, pot-distilling craft producer with decades of experience in the Bourbon industry. The distillery’s collection of products includes Very Olde St. Nick, Rare Perfection, Wattie Boone & Sons and many more.

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