Old Dominick to Release Small Batch Bourbon Series

Beginning in September, Old Dominick will be releasing a series of Small Batch Bourbons from their estate-produced distillate. Master Distiller, Alex Castle, says this of the release, “As a native Kentuckian, I couldn’t resist producing a true bourbon in Tennessee, but I knew it  had to be unique. That’s where the high-rye mash bill came in. Instead of deciding on one singular bottle  proof for an initial release, I thought it would be more fun to experiment with blending four unique  batches at four unique proofs. With proofs ranging from as low as 90 to as high as 117, consumers can  experience every aspect and profile that this singular mash bill can provide.” 

Series Specs: 
Mash Bill: 52% Corn, 44% Rye, 4% Malted Barley 
Barrel Entry Proof: 110 
Barrel Type: West TN White Oak 
Barrel Char Level: Alligator Char #4 

Batch #1 
Bottled-In-Bond – Fall 2017 Barrels 
100 Proof – Aged 5 Years 
Tasting Notes: Baking spices, honey, floral, fruity, leather, marshmallow, cinnamon candy, and  cherry on the nose. Rye, leather, cherry, slightly smoky, tobacco, spices, and a hint of hay on the  palate. 

Batch #2 

90 Proof – Spring 2018 Barrels 
Aged 5 Years 
Tasting Notes: Sweet cinnamon, honey, leather, berry, floral, buttercream, almond, and brown  sugar on the nose. Cherry, leather, baking spices, hint of oak, and dried fruit on the palate.

Batch #3 
Cask Strength – Spring 2018 Barrels 
117.47 Proof – Aged 5 Years 
Tasting Notes: Honey, cinnamon, floral, buttercream, caramel, and baking spices on the nose.  Rye, caramel, leather, cinnamon, and dark chocolate on the palate. 

Batch #4 

Cask Strength – Fall 2018 Barrels 
114.56 Proof – Aged 4 Years 
Tasting Notes: Floral, honey, sweet cinnamon, leather, vanilla buttercream, and cherry on the  nose. Hay, sweet corn, leather, floral, toffee, hint of oak, and cherry on the palate. 

Old Dominick Bourbon Series will be available in Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky,  Mississippi, and Missouri, and will range in price from $34.99 to $69.99. 

Old Dominick Bourbon Series
Image Credit: Old Dominick

About Old Dominick 

Old Dominick is a revitalized whiskey brand based in Memphis, TN. Established in 1866 by Domenico  Canale, fifth-generation grandsons Chris and Alex Canale opened Old Dominick Distillery in the heart of  downtown Memphis in May of 2017. In addition to the new releases of the Huling Station Trolly Stop  Series, Old Dominick has several other products available to purchase including Huling Station Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Straight Tennessee Whiskey, Straight Tennessee Whiskey Bottled-in-Bond, Toddy (a recipe dating back to the 1800s), Formula No. 10 Gin, Memphis Vodka, and Honeybell Citrus Vodka. Old  Dominick Distillery offers daily Distillery tours and tastings, as well as a full bar. The Bar at Old Dominick  Distillery specializes in craft cocktails made exclusively with spirits distilled by Master Distiller, Alex  Castle. Visit olddominick.com for more information. 

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