Komado Joe Digital Charcol Grill

There is just something majestic about firing up a Kamado-style grill; maybe it is the flavor you are about to experience, the pride in making a meal people rave about, or just the fact that you own one of the coolest-looking grills out there. Grilling and bourbon go hand in hand, and we love bourbon. I am sure it is different for everyone, but every time I fired up the Kamado Joe Konnected Joe, I just felt in my special place with a nice pout of bourbon, the smell of charcoal, and dinner on the grill. This digital charcoal grill will change the way you grill.

If you aren’t familiar with a kamado-style grill, it is somewhat similar to a regular charcoal grill in terms of basic functionality but with a coolness factor of 10. A kamado grill is typically shaped like an egg (sure, you have heard that name before), made of thick ceramic, and works like a rotary heat furnace. Kamado grills allow you to cook over charcoal (I have heard of people doing wood as well ) and give your meals a unique and unmatched taste. It does take a little time to learn and can be a bit more expensive than other options, but the results will be worth it.

Smart grilling is what makes this Kamado-style grill stand apart, and we’ll get to that below! The Kamado Joe Konnected Joe is a highly versatile smart Kamodo-style grill that can do it all. It left my pellet grill in the corner of the garage collecting dust and made the pizza oven feel slightly left out. It is the new go-to grill.

Read the full Komado Joe Konnected Joe Review at UnderBlue.com.

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