Flag Hill Distillery Releases New Hampshire’s First 10-Year-Old Bourbon

New Hampshire’s Oldest Distillery is about to release a bourbon that has been a  decade in the making. This two-barrel batch was first fermented, distilled and barreled here at  the Flag Hill Distillery in September of 2013. Today, the bourbon has been pulled from its decade’s long  home in the rick house on their property in Lee, NH and prepared for bottling. 

“I don’t know that any distillery in New Hampshire has released their own 10-year-old whiskey  product in the state,” says Brian Ferguson, owner and distiller at Flag Hill. “This really is a  profound moment for us and we cannot wait for folks to give it a try. It really showcases a side  of our bourbon that has not yet been seen. Our bourbon spirit, incredibly worn and massaged  in the oak barrel for a little over ten years.” 

Flag Hill Distillery 10 Year Bourbon
Flag Hill Distillery 10 Year Bourbon: Photo Credit: Flag Hill Distillery

The first opportunity for the public to taste this new whiskey expression will be at a release  party to be held at Flag Hill on Nov. 4th. This event will also give guests a unique chance to taste  bourbon samples from multiple ages in the journey of Flag Hill bourbon, as well as other  bourbon themed elements. 

Owner/Distiller Ferugson wanted to make an important note that this is a very limited release.  “After all those years and all those quick samples being taken, we have only got a little more  than a barrel’s worth. With about fifty-five gallons total, we ended up with 277 bottles total.  We will have another batch a year from now, but that is a long time to wait for whiskey this  good.” 

This limited release will only be available at the Flag Hill Tasting Room in Lee, NH. The expression is the same base product as their Flag Hill Straight Bourbon Whiskey (currently  available in NH and MA) but with an extra 6 years. 

The Flag Hill Tasting Room & Store is open every day of the week, 11am – 5pm, year-round.  Flag Hill also makes other styles of whiskeys as well as rums, liqueurs, vodka, gin, brandies and  more. They also are the largest vineyard and oldest winery in New Hampshire, focused  primarily on bold, aromatic white wines. Their grapes grow right beside their acres of corn, rye  and wheat used in their whiskey. 

For more information please visit flaghill.com.

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