291 Colorado Whiskey Unveils Trio of Limited Releases, Featuring Double Platinum American Single Malt

291 Colorado Whiskey’s award-winning distillery, celebrates the spirit of innovation with three new, limited releases — the highly anticipated experimental release of 291 E Colorado Whiskey Batch 13, the 291 XII Colorado Whiskey, the twelfth-anniversary release, and Batch 2 of the 291 ALL RYE 100% Rye Malt Colorado Whiskey. The extremely limited release of XII (399 total bottles) and Batch 13 (291 total bottles) will be available online beginning November 11. All Rye will hit the Colorado Market as well as on e-commerce.

‍291 Colorado Special Limited Releases

291 E Colorado Whiskey Batch 13, “The American Single Malt”, is a unique expression of American Single Malt whiskey, that has been distilled with precision and aged for over four years in new, American white oak barrels, offering a flavor profile that will disarm your ideas of single malt whiskey.  

“When we set out to create Batch 13, we wanted to capture the essence of a 291 Colorado Single Malt whiskey,” said Michael Myers, CEO and founding distiller of 291 Colorado Whiskey. “Our team has put their heart and soul into this release, and we’re confident that whiskey enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike will appreciate the unique flavors and craftsmanship that define E Batch 13.”

291 Colorado Whiskey Single Malt

Joining the single malt are two additional special releases, a second batch of the previously sold-out 291 ALL RYE 100% Rye Malt Colorado Whiskey and the annual anniversary release. The limited-edition release is a play on an American Single Malt, utilizing 50% Colorado Rye Malt & 50% German Rye Malt finished with toasted aspen wood. The distillery’s anniversary release 291 XII Colorado Whiskey, “Twelve”,  a batch of 3-year-old rye whiskey barrels bottled at 134.6 proof, is an exceptional, bold expression that delights the palate with a rich tapestry of flavors. Both will be available online beginning November 11. These whiskeys represent what 291 Colorado Whiskey is known for—Rugged, Refined, and Rebellious® grain to bottle Colorado whiskey.

“With the ALL RYE, we were inspired to create the addition to our line-up after the success of 291 E Batch 3, one of our first single malt experiments, and liked it so much that we decided to make it again…this time featuring Colorado Malt from our friends at Root Shoot Malting out of Loveland, Colorado,” said Myers. “291 Colorado Whiskey was built on our rye, so when it came time to name our ‘291’ Single Malt, I exclaimed, All Rye, All Rye, All Rye®!”

‍291 Colorado Seasonal Releases

favorites, including the  291 M Colorado Whiskey, 291 Colorado Bad Guy Bourbon Whiskey, and 291 HR Bourbon Whiskey “High Rye”, will also be available online for purchase beginning November 11.

The Bad Guy, originally made as an experimental batch, is a wheated four-grain bourbon, bottled at barrel proof (120.6 proof). Made from corn, malted wheat, malted rye, and beech smoked barley mash, this whiskey is heavier on the sweet side despite its high proof.

The award-winning High Rye Colorado Bourbon, bottled at 132.2 proof, was first created by mistake when a double dose of rye was accidentally added to 291’s bourbon recipe. After aging, the result was a delicious, complex bourbon that strikes a balance between 291 Colorado Bourbon Whiskey and 291 Colorado Whiskey. A favorite amongst whiskey enthusiasts, 291 releases this expression annually at barrel proof.

Rounding out the seasonal favorites is 291 “M” Colorado Whiskey. This expression, available year-round due to its popularity, starts as 291 Colorado Barrel Proof Rye Whiskey, which is aged in new American White Oak barrels and finished with Aspen states. The whiskey is then transferred to 291 barrels previously used to barrel-age Wisconsin maple syrup by producer Lincoln County Reserve Maple Syrup. The result is a whiskey with notes of toasted oak, toffee, maple syrup, and figs. This rich, spicy, and viscous whiskey is like liquid French toast with a serious kick.


Special Releases
291 XII Colorado Whiskey – MSRP $149.99 / 134.6 proof

Sarsaparilla, Tack Room and Old Leather, Black Licorice, Brown Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Oak

291 E Colorado Whiskey Batch 13 – MSRP $149.99 / 121.6 proof
Molasses, Coffee, Salted Caramel, Sesame, Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate

291 ALL RYE 100% Rye Malt Colorado Whiskey – MSRP $104.99 / 132.6 proof
Cinnamon Raisin French Toast, Irish Breakfast Tea, Sawdust, Plum Pudding, Black Pepper, Salted Caramel

291 HR Bourbon Whiskey – 2023 Batch – MSRP $104.99 / 132.2 proof
Gingerbread, Pueblo Chile, Lemon Meringue, Plum, Pine Sap, Port Wine, Cinnamon Bark

291 “M” Colorado Whiskey – MSRP $104.99 / 123 proof
Toasted Oak, Toffee, Maple Syrup, Figs, Cinnamon

The special limited releases and seasonal favorites will be available on e-commerce at 291ColoradoWhiskey.com and Seelbachs. They will also be available for purchase at 291 Colorado Whiskey’s Tasting Room.

For more information on 291 Colorado Whiskey, visit 291ColoradoWhiskey.com or follow @distillery291 on social media.

About 291 Colorado Whiskey

291 Colorado Whiskey is a uniquely American story honoring the Western whiskey of a bygone era. 291 is the passion project of a former New York City fashion photographer and was first created in a small basement from a one-of-a-kind still, constructed from old copper photographic plates. 291 is Hardmade the Colorado Way®, grain to barrel to bottle, and the distillery’s whiskies are finished with toasted staves of Colorado aspen trees. 291 Colorado Whiskey has been earning awards and recognition since its first run off the still in 2011. 291 was awarded 2022 Icons of Whiskey American Craft Distillery of the Year, World’s Best Wheat Whiskey in 2021 and World’s Best Rye Whiskey in 2018, and our white whiskeys were awarded Best American New Make in 2023, 2022, 2021 and 2020 by the World Whiskies Awards.  The distillery has also earned 18 Liquid Gold designations from the Whisky Bible and similar high-altitude recognition from the IWSC, San Francisco International Spirits Competition, The American Whiskey Masters and numerous other competitions and publications.

To learn more about 291 Colorado Whiskey, follow on InstagramFacebookLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube or visit: 291ColoradoWhiskey.com.  Rugged, Refined, Rebellious®

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